The Triangle Diversity Business Council is leading the effort to make the Triangle the most diverse and inclusive business environment in the country. 


Our Vision

Our vision is to transform the Triangle(1) into the most diverse(2) and inclusive business environment in the country. We believe that diversity unlocks innovation and drives business growth. Who you are, where you come from, and what you’ve experienced influences the way you perceive opportunities and solve problems.  Diverse teams at every level in an organization, in which all are valued, respected and have access to the same opportunities, create a dynamic work environment that inspires creativity and innovation, and empowers all to perform their best.  We believe that through concerted action, the historic impediments to achieving such a dynamic, diverse business environment can be overcome, and that the Triangle is uniquely resourced to do so.

1 Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill, and surrounding communities.
2 African-American, Asian, Hispanic/Latino,  Native American or female.

We all should know that diversity makes for a rich tapestry, and we must understand that all the threads of the tapestry are equal in value no matter what their color.
— Maya Angelou



To carry out its vision, the Triangle Diversity Business Council has three major initiatives.  


1.       Technical assistance

a.       Talent Identification & Placement Support –  The TDBC will strive to help to connect diverse candidates with leadership opportunities. Primarily, the TDBC will create a talent sharing platform for members of the Council.  The TDBC will also help promote new job opportunities through diverse channels and  partner with local headhunting firms to help identify candidates. Through this process, the TDBC will strengthen the network of existing resources in the Triangle and will simultaneously partner with qualified service providers provide training for HR departments within companies to better reach, identify, onboard, and retain diverse candidates.

b.       Cultural  Development  - The TDBC believes that the core of enhancing diversity efforts within a company, lies within the cultural values of the company itself. The TDBC will, therefore, offer, identify and promote trainings focused on greater concepts such as implicit bias and organizational values. The TDBC can serve as a resource for these trainings and help companies to examine their core values and identify which aspects may be hindering their ability to attract diverse talent.

c.       Vendor Relationship Building – Finally, the TDBC will provide technical assistance to companies through developing and sharing a robust list of diverse vendors, partners, and consultants for companies in the Triangle.


2.  Networking & Learning

a.       Convening – The TBDC will bring interested parties together to connect, learn about other efforts and share best practices. Specifically, the TDBC will organize networking opportunities for companies interested in diversifying their senior leadership; bring in outside speakers and professionals who are experts in the issues of diversity, offer successful case studies and awards to companies in the Triangle who are actively working to enhance their diversity efforts, and offer workshops and information for those who are interested in learning more.

b.       Knowledge & resource sharing – Through a digital platform (, the TDBC will develop a single location for all members to access information surrounding diversity. This will include a bank of relevant articles, a list of upcoming and ongoing efforts in the area, and a quarterly newsletter which will highlight efforts of companies in the Triangle.

c.       Peer learning Groups – Finally, as a part of the learning platform, the TDBC will organize learning groups for senior leadership within companies. The TDBC will encourage continued education on this issue by facilitating a Champions Retreat for diverse leaders in the Triangle and facilitate ongoing intimate networking opportunities for individuals in these positions to learn from each other’s experience and solve problems as a group.



3.       Marketing & Communication

a.     Data development and distribution -- Consistent with the pledge the TDBC will help companies track specific data points about diversity in their executive teams.  TDBC will also collect this data, track trends, and report out on progress across the Triangle.

B.  Developing an Intentional Narrative – The Triangle Diversity Business Council is ultimately working toward changing the narrative in the Triangle about diversity and how the Triangle is perceived nationally.  It will continue to do this by: promoting data and stories about the economic and strategic advantages of promoting inclusion and diversity within a progressive corporate culture,  showcasing companies who are driving high-impact inclusion and diversity efforts through case studies and best practice analysis, and providing media education for regional companies on the importance of this issue.

b.       External Communications – In addition to making member companies aware of the efforts across the Triangle, the TDBC will also provide external communications to demonstrate such efforts the greater community through, press releases, newsletters, resources and article sharing, and through social media.